Getting smart phones: What should I look for/watchout for?

I'm thinking about making the switch to a smart phone but im terrible with computers and that kind of thing. Anyone know any good websites to learn about it? What should i look for/watchout for? Whats a normal price per month?

I dont like apple stuff and i will probably get two phones if that makes a difference.

I need help on picking out the right plan and phone. sorry left that out
How much should it cost for 2 phones for one month?
Can i still get a free phone or do i need to pay for it up front?


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  • I am a tech guru who works in I. T. so I feel qualified to specifically address this question.

    • Don’t buy more than you need in phone or service.
    • Buy the phone and get a no-contract service. You will save a fortune in the long run.

    One of the all-time best selling value-for dollar-phones in history is the Motorola Moto “G” through Google. It currently sells for a mere $162 on Amazon and garnered 4.5 stars over more than 3500 user reviews. Make sure to get the US version (not the international). Put it on H2O Wireless. They use AT&T’s system but the monthly cost is just $40 for a limited package to $60 for unlimited everything.

    I have business friends who use this combination with great success---even though they could afford much more. Your parents will love the prices.

    • thanks! ok stupid question could i get the phone now put not get a plan right away? Would it be like a tablet or would it just be dead?

      Haha i wish my parents worried about the price but unfortunately im the parent in this case :(

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    • pay as you go is different than no contract?

    • Pay as you go or no contract is risky how?

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  • If you wanna message me (or just use this question) I can help you out a lot.
    What are you looking for in your phone?

    • Mostly talk and take pics. well i want internet and gps too.

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    • well i was gona look on amazon when i get a chance

    • Yeah.
      Here's what I'd recommend:
      $100-$200: Motorola Moto G
      $200-$300: LG G3 (~$200 for 8GB), OnePlus One ($298 for 16GB)
      $300-$400: OnePlus One ($350 for 64GB)

      Nothing better than OnePlus One so...
      Also, it seems like most phones are only unlocked for GSM? I don't know what that's about.

  • I've worked for a retail cellphone store for a bit before so you can ask me anything to get the right plan/cellphone no matter which carrier you decide to go with

    • i guess my big thing now is which company and plans are good. i want something cheap but not like so cheap it doesn't work good.

  • So you don't know how to use a smartphone?

  • um take somebody with you who knows

  • You may consider about:
    screen size

    most of the features are same in the same price ranges.
    if you can afford a flagship, go for it. cuz, they're well tested and will have good support, updates than others.
    otherwise, a mid range device. they will have good support too.
    FYI, don't judge phone by camera's MP, weight relative to the screen size is what maters.


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  • What exactly do you wanna look for in a smartphone? Anything besides being easy to use?

  • They come with a manual.