What's the scariest Scp?

Can someone explain what this SC-P is? I don't really understand the article

What's the scariest Scp ?



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  • An SCP is basically some sort of supernatural or otherwise anomalous (weird) object or person, and are often pretty dangerous in some way. But they're not real.

    SCP articles are fictional writings which describe an SCP, how it can be contained so it doesn't break out, and what it does. It's part of the SCP Foundation, which is a fictional organization dedicated to containing these SCP's.

    SCP-173 is a notable example. It is a concrete statue that sort of looks like a human. When no one is looking at it (this includes blinking), it rapidly moves towards the nearest person, and kills it by snapping its neck. It does not move if watched in any way.

    • I know that is a hoax, its actually orogianlly a statue created by a japanese artist...
      I'm on ABOUT SCP-1875

    • Oh, alright, I misunderstood you.

      It seems to be a chess table which can move pieces magnetically, without having to touch the pieces. However, it can apparently infiltrate nearby computer networks, and send emails to people. This email contains a disturbing picture. Anyone viewing this picture will start behaving strangely within the next few hours. It starts with a mild headache and insomnia, followed by hallucinations. The person who viewed the picture will eventually stop responding to anything happening in the outside world, and will eventually start harming themselves.

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  • i dont know either.


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  • nice chess board though :)

  • The Sick Book!

  • It seems to me that only one in three SCPs is actually scary.

    • Most of them are just artifacts , But it's the euclid and keter ones you gotta watch out for

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    • @maverickj , There's A sc-p that is a painting and looks like a clown, and its said if you make fun of it or laugh at it, then you suffer a sharp pain in your chest after five minutes.

    • Oh yes, I heard about that. Supposedly it was your "inner child" dying. it's SCP-1379, and it was called "Stab your inner child".