How can I find someone's address or phone number or getting in contact with someone?

What info will the post office give out to a person?
Will help you find someone's address? If not who will?

I Didn't think the post office would give anyone's personal info out...

But, I'd there somewhere I can go and they might help me find someone.


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  • Unfortunately the post office will give that information out. Or at least in my case they did. My stepfather's stepson stalked us and when we moved the post office gave him our address.

    • I'm so sorry! That happened to you! I would never stalk anyone! Just trying to get in touch with an old friend!

    • Its okay, but I'm sure they could help you. Just make sure you explain what's happening, maybe even bring a photo, I'm sure they can help.

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  • huh... is this legal? he might assume someone's spyin on him :)

  • The post office will not give you a persons address, phone number or any other personal information. It's personal and private and could lead to a lot of problems if they ever did.

    • Okay... well... is there somewhere I can go... where they will help me find him!

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    • He doesn't have social media and I'm pretty sure he doesn't have a phone.

    • I know how frustrating this situation can be but it sounds like he might not want to be found (not having social media) so it might be tough to get in contact with him on your own. Turn your focus to people that also knew him and try and get in contact with them. See if they know anything. The younger you are the harder it is to find people closer to your age using websites like people searchers. Which cost money and aren't always accurate.

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