Thoughts on studying in Ukraine?

I'm a pharmacist student I study in Jordan but it seems really hard to continue financially also academically so i started to think of changing my uni


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  • Do you even listen to news? The situation is anything than good there right now.

    • someone I've met here has graduated from medicine school he said there are some parts where there is a war but in big cities its safe

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    • in Sweden it's also 3 years and there's no war

    • interesting

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  • Jordan is safer than Ukraine with Russia chewing off edges. Are there any alternatives?

    • guys here said Germany and Sweden :D

    • Well there you go then. Try focusing on countries that are economically stable and in your price range.

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  • Go to Germany, it's 1000x better than Eastern Europe .

    • I thought of Germany but the thing is, it needs language and I'm not ready for learning any
      by the way where are u from?

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    • Oh I see, thank you and good luck.

    • thanks (Y)