Have you ever reacted angrily like Patchy the Pirate (from Spongebob) towards something highly anticipated, that became a disappointment?

This was my reaction when Kojima cancelled highly anticipated Silent Hills game (that was exclusively for PS4). lol

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  • Yep when I saw the movie Paul Blart: Mall Cop
    Kevin James was funny as hell on his show The King of Queens :D I use to be up at 9 PM catching the back-to-back episodes before going to sleep lol so when I heard he was staring in a major movie I got all excited and shit.
    Yo... that movie was a huge fucking flop man I was waiting all the way til the end for it to get funny but it never happened :(
    I was, "the fuck?"

  • when i was playin CTR... or CNK... ughhhhh