How do I become an MLG No scoper?


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  • Pick a mouse sensitivity that you feel comfortable with, and never ever change it again. Then just practise. Muscle memory is your friend :)

    • Didn't u just copy/paste that from the other thread xD

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    • I posted the same thread a month ago , anonymously and u said the exact same thing lol

    • Lol I don't remember. But I guess that must mean it's true!

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  • huh... wot do u mean dude?

    • Its a troll thingy. I actually forgot to post this anonymously , lol. Search MLG quickscope on youtube ,,,,, just do that...

  • First of all, watch a lot of mlg vids.
    Then drink a lot of mountain dew and eat doritos.
    Then use no scope.

    • OMG finally someone that speaks the m8 language... I will quickscope ur mom faze 360 BlaZE iT. 1v1 me i rek u 360 no scope kid. my gt is : xxx_qu1cksc0pe_xxx

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    • Haha i saw that ! and ,, is it Pelado...*
      I was trying to find this type of an opinion on this thread but it seems that mlg isn't so popular on GAG :/
      Thanks for the laughs m8 !

    • Maybe you should make a mytake on mlg things, so the mlg will be spread around the community and then eventually mlg will take over everything muhhaaaha

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