What I do as a hobby and where I can make good friends?

So I've been struggling making friends. Yeah it's harder than it sounds. I am socially awkward in the beginning but with close friends, I am comfortable and myself and happy. But it seems like it takes really long to get to that point when I meet new potential friends like in my work. Where I work has been the best opportunity to make friends because we share the same interests and goals. However, not only has my socially awkwardness stopped me from socializing like a normal human being but it's also work so I don't want to cross any boundaries, even though, everyone is really chill with each other as if theyre not working so I feel less pressured to be serious. Yet, my socially awkwardness gets the best of me and ruins my chances to make friends.

I am actually a good individual meaning, I do fine being on my own as opposed to a lot of people. Especially my age (20s), people tend to want to have friends badly as if they can't funtion going to lunch by themselves. Honestly, I am a pro and I don't care. You're on your own in this world anyways so I'm good. However, I've been wanting to make friends for the sake of distraction from my relationship. I have a boyfriend and love him so much but we're long-distance and usually working. I've never been the type to be a clingy girlfriend but since we are long-distance, all I wanna do is be with him. So in order for me to relax and not stress or be sad without him, I want to make friends, but good ones. Dont get me wrong I have friends but just a few close ones who do not share my interest plus most of them are guys. Im trying to make friends but mostly gfs.

I like working out, I like entertainment and celebrity stuff which is where I work, uhhh I like driving and going on adventures, I like going out at night or for drinks but not like trashy, and yup. So what should I do? Oh and I also graduated from college already so it's not like I can meet people at school. Thats another thing, some of my close friends and I separated once we graduated and went back home so yeah it's sad.


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  • how about gym?

    u said u work out and u are adventurous... so...

    • Yeah I go to the gym and haven't met anyone lol

    • Plus I'm usually there focused and working out, not really going to find friends unless I join a club or something but I don't know exactly what I would like to do

  • after turning 20 humans don't want new friends. Whatever they have now is what their going to be dying with.

    • I need new friends because well, I've never had friends! Ha! No I do have old friends but like I can count them with one hand and that's fine, I rather have one real friend than a bunch of fake ones. However, my these close friends of mine are either guys or not as outgoing as I am so I'm on a mission to finding friends with the same interests.

    • well good luck on that mission.

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  • Try to make friends with someone who goes to the gym with you

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