Why do Bay Area natives say this…?

I noticed that people from the San Francisco Bay Area, like San Jose or Oakland or Walnut Creek or Vallejo, almost never say they're from whatever city they're from. They're always like 'I'm from the Bay Area.' But people who are actually from San Francisco (which the Bay Area is named after) say 'I'm from San Francisco.' They don't really say 'I'm from the Bay Area.' Know what I mean? Does anyone notice this too? Why don't Bay Area people not from SF just say they're from San Jose or Oakland or whatever?


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  • No one wants to identify themselves as coming from Oakland.


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  • It's because it's so close and closely associated with it. It's the same as German town and Cordova where I live. They aren't a part of Memphis but the people there still insist they are because they are like 10minutes away

    • That's kind of what I thought, but I was never sure. Does it ever bother you a little? It's like, if you're not from the actual city of ______, you can't say are from there! I've eve heard people from Oakland say they're from the city of San Francisco.

    • No it doesn't bother me because they kind of are from there. They go there frequently and the people they know are in there part of town frequently so it's like they aren't even separate

    • Ah, well you said those cities are only like 10 minutes away from Memphis, right? People from cities between half an hour to a full hour away say that they're from San Francisco. It's kinda funny.

  • I live in San Jose. We say "bay area" because there are a million towns. I've lived here for 2 years and I still don't get them all straight. It's just much easier to say Bay area, The city (SF), east bay, south bay etc.

    • And they all blend together. I have no idea where Sunnyvale/Cupertino/Mountain View/Santa Clara start and stop. No clue. And I live right next door to them lol.

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    • Dude I always get Santa Clara mixed up with Santa Rosa even though they're hella far apart. Also yeah, the whole Palo Alto/Menlo Park/Mountainview area is sort of a blur for me.

    • cipher42 Where are you from?

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  • i noticed this to...

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