So are my habits/beliefs too weird?

So talking to a few friends they, and random people, all agreed my habits/beliefs are just weird and I seriously need to tone it down. I don't think its an issue cause it's not too obvious and otherwise I get twitchy as hell. My habits/beliefs include, but aren't limited to:
Refusing, like I REFUSE, to pick up a penny face down.
Break glass, if I do I clean it up and knock on wood every chance I get for the rest of the day.
Openning umbrellas indoors. Both cause I don't like getting the house wet and you just don't.
If there's a full moon and it looks yellowish, I try everything in my power to not go outdoors.
I don't pass graveyards at night.
If its a full moon and I have to pass a graveyard, I will and have walked around it which took me a full 30 mins longer.
If I have to pass a graveyard at night, I sprint full speed past it.
When walking in new places, I automatically do a full sweep of the place for anything suspicious and security cameras (really to check if they're even on/working)
I have to have my hands occupied at all times.
When crouching, I immedietely go into set stance (run track as a sprinter)
I believe in ghosts partially
I walk with an expression that says, "don't fuck with me", thats based on my childhood in the city it helped me keep some people away.
I'm usually on the defensive 24/7, until I'm at home or where I'm at my destination
A less creepy one is that I HAVE to say "sir" or "ma'am" when talking to my elders and I refuse to cuss around them and children.
I admit to saggin, yet when passing adults I pull up real quick, fix my hat if its on backwards, and drop my cigarette when I smoked. Just for reasons, otherwise I feel wrong.
I may not be religious, but I don't cuss, sag, smoke, or do anything bad/inappropriate near or in religious places, gatherings, or meetings and with a Bible in my hand or near my body.

Thats just a short list of my daily habits in life. Anything suggests I have "some problems or PTSD?"


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  • It's amazing that you know yourself so well, there are many people out there who don't who they are but you definitely know how you work. That's great.
    I like to think about me all the time, I talk to myself 24/7 so I know that I'm weird, but I don't care, I mean, we all have something to hide. Don't give a fuck about what they think, just tell them "I'm not crazy, you are normal" That's all you need to live a happy, the less you care, the happier you are.
    I don't think your beliefs are weird, actually I can understand many of them, here are some weird beliefs that I have, compare them so you know we all have craziness inside of us.

    1.- I like to talk to dogs, deep inside me I think they feel my love, and that they can understand me.
    2.- I name many nonliving things: my computer's name is Tania, my phone's name is Geena, and many more lol
    3.- I name insects too, if I think they are females, I called them "Tania" if I think they are males I called them "Timmy" or "Tommy"
    4.- I believe that there are cyclopes, unicorns, centaurs, witches, werewolves, vampires, etc in the world, I just think that normal people are not able to see them.
    5.- I highly trust that someday I will become friends with a creature like those.
    6.- I like psychos, I feel attracted to them, I like craziness and I love the fact psychos think they are their own heroes. Even though they are villains.
    7.- I want to be an actress, so I really want to play the psycho role.

    I have many more, but I love the number 7, so that's it, I'm just writing 7. by the way, my whole life is based on that number, I want to have 7 children, have sex with 7 guys from 7 different continents, I want to try 7 different types of drugs, I want to ride 7 different animals (a crocodile is one of them).

    Honey, for me you are extremely normal, and me? I'm just me, weird or not, I'm me.

    I hope you don't think you should get away from me lol

    • I think we will get along nicely lol.
      Besides 7 kids. Thats WAY too many. Ideally, I'd like 4 kids and call it a life.

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    • I get along with weird people, so if you're weird to others you're normal to me lol.

    • Hell yeah, that's so cool. I think the same way you do haha

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  • i dont think so.


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  • Yeah... sounds rather weird. The whole list seems to me like a very bizarre collection of superstitious believes, obsessive-compuslive disorder behavior and simply being traumatized by a very conservative upbringing.