Anyone need help with there car or have any issues that I can try and help out with?

I asked this before (prbably will keep asking it), but i'm bored and want to help out some people.


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  • I have a GMC Sierra with 340,000+ miles on it, and recently replaced the rack and pinion set in order to fix an issue with the power steering. Can I expect this new rack and pinion to last as long as the original, or should I expect to be replacing it again 100k miles or so?

    This is a one owner vehicle, so I can confirm that the previous component of the power steering system are all original.

    • was the part from the manufacture or an after market part as in like another comapny made is rather than the original? If it was the same rack and pinion set it should last just about the same as the other one

    • It was shipped in from the gmc factory, so cool. Thanks.

    • yup it should be good

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  • i have an issue with my car. you see, it has been stolen. so um.. yeah.. it's kinda hard to drive it to my work in this state... how do i solve this?

    • call the police and give them your car info... it was a lot then ask for camera recording

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