80s music poll: Favorite album by Loose Ends/Fine Young Cannibals/Ellis, Beggs & Howard?

“black” British bands as well... meanin lead singer’s black (ok FYC’s singer was mixed, but anyway)

Loose Ends were a disco/funk band mostly known 4 their song “Hangin On A String”…their album “Where are you?” was decent though…. but no more than “decent”.

FYC had 2 good albums, especially “The Raw and The Cooked” album…mixin funk music , wid rock or house elements.

E, B & H, were an 1-album band, and this album was called “Homelands” a really good effort, mixin funk n rock elements…similar wid “The Raw and The Cooked”, but not as successful as da later…they had only 1 minor hit though, called “Big Bubbles No Troubles"

  • A Little Spice (Loose Ends)
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  • So Where Are You? (Loose Ends)
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  • Zagora (Loose Ends)
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  • The Real Chuckeeboo (Loose Ends)
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  • Fine Young Cannibals (Fine Young Cannibals)
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  • The Raw and The Cooked (Fine Young Cannibals)
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  • Homelands (Ellis, Beggs & Howard)
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  • 80s music shit

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