Would you rather be a hot, smart, loser who dates hot people after hs, or be smart/cool only gets decent lookin dates, or be hot/cool not smart?

If you're hot/smart loser you get bullied all the time your whole life up until college. From then 20% of people will bully you. You can't get a date until college because your reputation as a loser. But after high school graduation you can date almost anybody you wanted that didn't know you in high school or have connections to people who knew you in high school or the with the 20% of people who bully you after high school. You have trouble making friends and holding conversation. Your socially awkward and the 2 people you talk to only hang out or talk with you 1-4 times a month tops. Your kinda the friend no one likes so you dont get invited to a lot of stuff they do. But the opposite sex likes you and cuts you a lot of slack for being awkward because your a potential dating partner, including the hot ones too. If it was known that you only wanted to be their friends 80% of them would stop hanging out and talking to you completely. You are smart too.

If you choose smart/cool gets decent looking dates. You have lots of friends who always wanna hang out with you. You are respected by everybody because your personality. But you can only date decent looking people, you'll get denied by every attractive person, maybe one or two tops would accept in your lifetime and you dont marry them. You are smart as well.

If you choose hot/cool not smart, you are just as cool and popular/respected as the one who gets decent looking dates. You can get just as many hot dates as the first hot person can and plus the ones they couldnt get due to bullying/being awkward. But you aren't very smart, i wuldnt say slow but you would have to study all the time just to get a C or average test scores. So you can't really do anything career wise that requires intelligence. You can't get rich or famous.

You have to pick one and live life exactly like that. Which would you choose?

  • Be hot/smart/ social loser/loner that dates almost anyone they want after high school
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  • Be cool/smart and only date and marry decent looking people
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  • Be hot/cool but not smart
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If your hot and cool you struggle to barely get by finacially.
When i say smart i mean you have the ability to make a lot of money if you choose to, or you can at least be able to successfully have careers that require you to be smart... If you wanted to


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  • The terms hot, cool and smart are just relative to each persons definition when applied t people. What one person thinks is hot another may think is decent, and another may think ugly. What makes someone cool to you someone else may have a different view on what makes someone cool. You can be smart in different ways.

    • I wasn't talking about peoples personal tastes, in this case this is how you're percieved by 80% of the population. So that percentage would think your hot or cool. And smarts i mean smarts you can use to make a lot of money. The ability to make lots of money if you choose to, or at least have the ability to pursue most of the careers you want that require it. That shouldve been part of the scenerio instead of just sayin smart.

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    • Im not saying you dont find them attractive in real life, in this scenerio you have different tastes so you dont find them attractive, its like your a different person, those are the rules of the what would you rather do scenerios. You can't find a way out, you have to choose between them. In this what would you rather do, you are a different person who doesn't find decent looking people attractive. Or every person you date you think is decent looking from your perspective and everyone elses in this particular scenerio, regardless of what you feel in real life... See what im saying

    • @ Asker in that scenario I would still find them attractive and that is that regardless of what you say

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  • A was my actual life. I wouldn't change a thing.

  • be cool not smart.

    • What made you choose it?

What Guys Said 5

  • Hot and cool

    Im not particually smart but I find that the more I learn the more empty I feel. So I want to be hot, cool, and dumb!

  • hot n smart yo 8)

  • This question looks too long and complicated and without any real life relevance for me to be interested in it.

    • Haha, that's exactly what I was thinking after reading about two thirds of it ;-)

  • I'd rather be hot and get whatever I want.

    • Wait the hot guy who can make a lot of money but has little social life other than most girls wanting to date him,

      Or the hot guy with almost all girls wanting to date him and having the best social life friend wise, but not smart and struggles just to get by financially.

    • The hot guy with money and no social life.

  • I voted B.

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