Why would he be so nice to me?

My friends brothers best friend when we would hangout at school would flirt with me..
he would do it to the point where he knew it made me uncomfortable. But then would say like rude or would stereotype me ( I don't want to say racist) but he would say stupid shit like are you gonna go drink some kool aid or he would talk in a ghetto voice and ask if I've ever seen boys in the hood. I don't know if he was trying to be funny.. But I found it confusing how he would flirt with me then make fun of me... We didn't really become close more like acquaintances but now when I see him he's all nice and even went out his way while he was working to say hi... I don't know I just find it weird he'd act so immature one minute and then super nice.. Why?


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  • Guys love to flirt your a woman


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  • Maybe he was teasing you then saw how he was acting was immature.

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