I can't stop thinking about this woman. What's wrong with me?

Well, I've never been with a woman but this really attractive older woman danced with me for a bit in the club last night. First time any girl has ever done it with me. Thing is though, she is actually very attractive and the reason I couldn't continue was because all these weird creepy fools around me pushed her away while she was grinding on me and got in front of me in a stacked crowd inside the club. It's weird cause these guys were in a group of 2 and 3 and scaring every girl away by forcing themselves on the girls. Even this woman told one of these guys to back up but started grinding on me when she saw me. Thing is though, she caught my attention when I first saw her. Not cause she grinded on me. I find her so sexy and attractive. It is supposed to be only a club thing yet I can't stop thinking about her. Why is that? It breaks me that I can't have a woman like and will most likely never see her again. She was a straight cougar and just amazing.

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  • just go find her

    • I'll try to go back to the same club but it's going to be hard to find her again. Almost impossible. Even then, I don't know how I can approach her. She might not remember me probably.

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  • Why not go back to the club (alone) until you find her?

    • I've been thinking about it but I don't know if I'll see her again.

  • Once you sleep with her this will all fade away.

    • I don't think so. I've been crazy about her the moment I saw her.

    • Trust me it will.

    • I'm different than most men. Unless she has a shitty personality, I highly doubt it.

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