What emotions go through someones mind who is embarrassed? (Girls preferred but guys can also reply)?

I know if you reveal personal information of someone to another person it can make them very uncomfortable.
But what if you didn't and you simply ask them out or confess your feelings and they get embarrassed. What then goes through their mind?
Also is there another reason behind another form of embarrassment,?


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  • Emotions? Well, uh, embarrassment... ?

    • Can you be more specific? Like if a guy asked you out and you blush red and look away out of embarrassment what would go through your mind? In that moment?

    • "He's gotta be fuckin' with me,"
      "Is he serious?"
      "Why is he staring at me?"

      If I don't reciprocate feelings: "How do I do this without hurting his ego?"

    • So are the top three for disinterest? I'm really oblivious when it comes to flirting and rejections. I'm not trying to be persistent.

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  • i think both genders are the same on this.

    • I know, the reason I'd prefer woman is because they get embarrassed much more faster then a man does. Not trying to sound superior.

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  • guess he'd feek kinda dizzy... and tries keepin his cool o_O