Does anyone have a paragraph to break to there friend that they love them? He's a guy. I have had feelings for him, but we've only been friends. Help?

I need a really strong convincing paragraph saying why I have chosen to like him more than just friends. I speak to him and I really trust him and love him. I can't break it to him because if he says no I would ruin what we had. any ideas on any paragraphs that will make his stomach flutter and his heart beat fast and make him instantly happy?


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  • You should wrote a long paragraph about how YOU feel about him.

    • Yep. Yep. Thanks. The question asks for ideas and help. I get lost otherwise I go writing about something totally different

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    • Well, get to know each other more then :)

    • Yeah true

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  • hmmmmm do u know wot he likes to hear then?

    • I'm sorry I don't understand. I don't know if he likes me but we are good friends

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  • You have to tell him YOUR feelings!

    • YEEEEES. Look at the question...

    • I need help

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