Would this be a good way to ask him to hangout? How do I get him to?

There is this guy who told someone he liked me. We are graduating on Saturday. I want to ask him to hangout after graduation (not the day of but after). I leave the country two weeks after we graduate and I think he leaves a week after.

Problem is everytime I had asked him to hang out, he always said he was busy. He is a busy guy so its not really a lie (I have asked four times in the last year). I don't want to hang out for hours but just 30 minutes. I am thinking of just saying:

Me: John, will you hang out with me?

Then I think he will say.

Him:I am going to be busy.

I plan to say after that:

Me: But it will only be for thirty minutes.. Please! I really want to hang out with you before I go.

He cares about me from the fact he told them that and the way he looks at me.

Soo is it good? How do I get him to hang out with me?


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  • didn't he respond yet?

  • Yes it would!

  • Just ask him if he shoots u down his loss

    • I don't want him to reject me.

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    • I have gotten rejected before BUT HE LIKES ME SO I shouldn't GET REJECTEED

    • Then ur good

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  • sounds good!

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