Is it ok with you that corporations are running the United States?

Is it ok with you that companies are making laws and paying off politicians? Is watching TMZ more important?

  • Kim Kardashian got a new dress... did you see it?
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  • I love watching old episodes of Gilligan's Island
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  • Yes this is troublesome but I am lazy/don't care enough
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  • Nope but the masses are asleep :(

    "My pen and this honesty, defending equality
    Declared a republic, and ended your monarchy
    Your corporate dictatorship, pretends it's democracy
    I hold your bloodline, accountable for every crime
    Adam Smith to Rothschild, it's all been a clever lie
    Two choices now, revolution or genocide
    But thanks to Rupert Murdoch neither one will be televised" - Lowkey

    • Excellent quote good man.

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  • Kim though.


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  • Democracy is tribal warfare. If the corporations didn't lobby, they would get screwed, as for example Microsoft found out back in the days when it didn't lobby. The politicians actually solicited lobbying from Microsoft. And Microsoft learned the hard way that it couldn't say 'no' if it wanted to survive.

    Every government is broadly reflective of the people it governs. It has to be. A few people can't govern the rest of the population without its acquiescence. Americans are broadly supportive of looting others. They just don't like it when they get looted back.

    That's the problem with democracy. Very few people who complain about this lobbying and so on advocate the only solution: a true free market, no bail-outs, no regulations, a wall of separation between business and state in the same way and for the same reason as the wall of separation between church and state.

    • So you agree with the ALEC policies?

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    • I didn't say ALEC is good. I said it appears to be a typical conservative organization, merely paying lip-service to free markets.

      What's wrong with America is what is, though to a greater degree, wrong with the rest of the world: the philosophy.

    • Gotcha ok

  • It's a stretch, as it always has been, to say that corporations are "running" America. And I'm so used to hearing people say government intervention is the solution, anyway, that it isn't worth arguing.

    • How is that a stretch? ALEC (which laws have been made to hide the transparency of their pay offs and actions) makes it so lobbyists can pay off representatives in a way that is secretive and does not include the 200k they are allowed to receive in gifts/money.

  • it is a problem but there is no way to fix it without taking away the things that makes Americana great

  • Horrible poll options.
    Would've been funny if you put at least one or two ACTUAL options.

    • I had an almost good option!

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    • Plenty. It's maddening.
      I see more of these types of questions then you'd think though.

    • Most are from me that's why lol

  • Who needs actual political knowledge or leadership skills when you can be like Hillary and almost quite literally buy your way into the white house...

    • Funny how you only mention her. I guess the republican candidates are not bought and paid for. Bernie Sanders in 2016

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    • Bush was the one that bailed out the banks not Obama and I think that was a terrible decision on Bush's part. Bankruptcy (a word people don't know the meaning and are thinking of "Liquidation") is not always a bad thing. Companies that refuse to go bankrupt are the ones that eventually do end up being liquidated which is the worst case scenario.

    • Although Tarp was Bush's Obama bailed out more of the important banks that needed to be bailed out for many reasons including protecting the rest of the real estate market. This either needed to happen or for a long term solution let them all fail, go back on the gold standard (which Nixon could have years before) and ride out a very long storm/depression. Banks bankrupting (odd typing those two words in a row lol) can lead to disastrous results including making the very rich that much more rich and powerful For large corporations it's not always a bad thing but usually it is the middle class that foot the bill.

  • I agree it's a problem... or an opportunity...

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