Why didn't I react when a dog barked at me?

i was smoking a j with my friends in this secluded forest area of the local park and i hopped back over this wall we used to climb over first, but then suddenly i heard a dog barking aggressivly and i just turned to look at it and i could recognize what kind of dog it was but i couldn't tink of the name. that was what was on my mind. not the snarling English bull terrier that was about to eat me. my friends are still behind the wall, one of them is watching in shock (hasn't reacted like me) one is too small to see so he can only hear everything. suddenly the owner came round the corner like "it's alright he's friendly". then the dog started towards me and i didn't believe him. the fear started to kick in. but to my surprise he didn't try to rip my leg off so i just scratched his head and he buggered off. funny thing is, as soon as the commotion was over, that was when i started to panic. i was just mind-boggled how i couldn't process what just happened and how i didn't react. i started shaking and sweating in reaction to the humiliation i think, after passing the dog again.
after abotu 10-15 minutes i got this feeling tat i wanted to cry but i didn't beccause my friends were still there. is this normal?
what do you think happened?
if it's any help i have anxiety issues

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  • This normal. When you are in situations of high intensity crises - your brain and body is too busy processing what is happening to give you an emotional reaction to what is happening.


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  • You were like deer in the headlights a lot of people respond that way when they feel they are in life or death situations. It's natural but it's not a good thing to be if you actually are in a life or death situation.

    • oh right. is that something to do with the fight, flight or freeze response?

    • Kind of but you didn't display either the fight or flight you just froze up. Again some people just react that way.

    • It didn't help that OP was high too.

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  • Well you are a brave person that's why

    • i didn't feel brave.
      there was an underlying tone of fear during the whole thing but it wasn't catching my attention enough. i was more interested in what kind of dog it was lol

    • Oh I don't know then sorry

  • cool lol..

  • I don't really react either, unless it's really sudden, then I would probably jump


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