Whatever Happened To Taking Initiative And CARING About The Customer?

When I was 17, I got my first job at Best Buy. While working retail had its crappy days, my teammates and I always walked around with a happy expression on our face. We were always willing to help the customer no matter what the cost. Even if a customer came in to the store pissed, we were always able to turn the situation around and make them happy. I also recall that other stores I used to visit back at that age, everyone seemed so cheerful, happy and lively.

I am now 24, and I now work with all sorts of people as a marketing manager. It seems like these days... when I walk into a store, the employees always look pissed. Like today, while I was shopping for clothes in the mall, this one girl got an attitude with me for asking where something is. She also got annoyed with me when I accidently left my cell phone in the changing room.

Another example is when my car broke down. A few days ago, it was pouring raining. When I went to get my car from the shop yesterday... the windows were wide open and the seats were extremely drenched. I got on the guys about this, but they just simply told me, "At least we fixed the car and we didn't have to fix it, but we did".

OR in other retail stores, the employees just seemed short tempered these days, take their time when helping, seem annoyed when you aske them something or are usually on their phone talking in groups with their co-workers.

Has anyone else noticed this about people these days?


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  • A culture of entitlement breeds a culture of bitterness and contempt.

    Many people on low incomes feel entitled to higher incomes and are told by the politicians that they are morally entitled. Therefore they end up feeling bitter. Instead, they should be thinking rationally how to improve their skills, so that they can rise up. Or, put another way, they think of themselves as being too good for the work they do. And, ultimately, they don't like work in general. They wish for a world where wealth magically appears, and perhaps many of them suspect that this world secretly exists, if only the 'filthy capitalists' or 'the 1%' or whoever would get out of the way.

    As someone who worked minimum-wage jobs to pay his way through university, I have to say this culture of entitlement and hatred disheartens me but doesn't surprise me. It stems from the fundamentals of our culture.


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  • I have noticed...


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