Does anybody else here like Latin?

I've been nerding out lately and studying some classical Latin. I like the language a lot, especially how it sounds. In my opinion Latin is much more beautiful than its Romance derivatives (especially compared to French and Portuguese).

Does anybody on GAG besides me like it? I've included a link to a spoken Latin example.:

For the users who speak Romance (Spanish, Italian, Catalan, Portuguese, Romanian, and French), listen to the speech and see how much you can understand before reading the English subtitles.


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  • I loooooooooove latin, I speak Spanish but it is not as cool as latin. I would like to learn it so I could call demons from hell LOL

    • Hablo español también, pero, sí, no es tan chido como Latín. ;-) ¿Cuanto del discurso puedes entender?

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    • Eso espero, ése debe ser el espíritu <3 Buena suerte para ti, ya que apuesto a que también quieres aprenderlo :)

    • Eh, realmente, no lo aprenderé. Siempre estoy ocupado por cultivar, estudiar de, y mejorar maíz, y raramente tengo tiempo de otras actividades. En el futuro quiero trabajar en CIMMYT (El Centro Internacional De Mejoramiento De Maíz Y Trigo), preferiblemente a su rama mexicana. Tendré que mejorar mi español (inglés es mi primera lengua), y no tendré tiempo para estudiar Latín por divertido. :-/

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  • I like the sound of Latin but I don't like the language itself. See, I come from Switzerland where Latin is mandatory at Universities for anyone wanting to study humanities/liberal art subjects. So had to go through two years of studying a language that honestly, I didn't care too much about in the first place. I find the grammatical structure very complicated and confusing, although some of it is similar to my mother tongues Swiss (and German). I just can't really get excited about a language that has been dead for several centuries and is thus of practically no use. I like the sound of French and of Spanish, but personally, I am a big fan of the Germanic languages. As I already told you, my native language is Swiss and I am also native at German like all Swiss people from the German part of the country (we have to start learning it in first grade elementary school). Because I've lived in the US and I study English linguistics and literature, I am also very fluent at English . I've also studied some Swedish and I understand bits and pieces of Dutch because of its similarities to Swiss (they're both basically a very archaic, medieval version of modern German). I personally find Germanic languages very beautiful because of their linguistic characteristics and their archaic sounds. The modern Germanic languages have become "purer" in the way they sound but some of them (like German or Swiss or Icelandic) have still preserved this wild, free attitude of muscular, bearded men with long hair running through the endless forests of ancient central/northern Europe ;-).
    Listen to Old English (approx. 800 A. D. for example:
    Or Old High German:
    Beautiful :-)

    • I like Germanic languages also. In fact, I actually asked a question about it a while back.:

      Personally, Gothic is the most interesting of the Germanic languages, I think, simply because of how old and conservative it is relative to the West and North Germanic branches. Example:

      I'm not crazy about Old English , but I like Old Saxon and Old Frisian. Old High German is pretty cool too, but it doesn't have as many sounds as the others. After Gothic, I like Old Norse the best, but Icelandic doesn't interest me (mostly because of lazy pronunciation changes).

      Neuhochdeutsch is a interesting case. It has more vowel sounds than any other modern Germanic language (which I like), but during the change from Althochdeutsch, most unstressed vowels became schwas (which I don't like). Well, that and all the word shortenings. And I despise modern English , even though it's my native tongue. lol.

      Have you ever looked into reconstructed Proto-Germanic? That stuff is pretty cool. :-)

  • I've always enjoyed singing in Latin and Romance languages, although I am not conversant in them.

    It's always struck me as odd that people haven't tried to resuscitate Latin as a spoken language, despite the amount of time spent studying and using it, lol.

    • I know what you mean. If Hebrew can be completely revived and turned into the official language of a modern State (as in Israel), then why can't Latin make a come-back?

  • I understood only like 15 words from that xD Only those that were similar to Spanish (well, that Spanish got directly from Latin). I don't really like how it sounds though, but perhaps it would sound better from someone of that time when Latin was spoken regularly, I mean, when they had a Latin accent.

    • The actor is Slavic, and his pronunciation is an odd mixture of ecclesiastical and Slavic Latins. I like neither. lol. Proper classical pronunciation sounds better, I think.

  • I learned a little bit of it when I was forced to take Spanish as a highschooler. I pretty much decided "fuck Spanish I'll learn something I actually like" and chose Latin.

    But, since Latin is a spoken by almost no one, acta est fabula

    • Declinatio vocabulorum est pars favorita Linguae Latinae. Flexibilitas systematis mihi placet.

    • The flexibility is what makes it a bitch though. I'm a native English speaker.

    • Accordamus, amice. I'm a native English speaker also, and, yes, all the moving parts do take a while to learn. But, I gotta say, Latin is a breeze compared to Sanskrit. Good lord, is that one complicated language. <:-P

  • Not a fan sorry

  • r they like italian?

    • Italian comes from Latin

    • After Sardinian, Italian is the closest of the Romance languages to the original Latin. French has changed the most, which is probably why I dislike it the most.

  • @phoenix98 speaks latin

  • it's sounds like a mix between Greek and Italian

    • Ancient Attic Greek is pretty cool also. Although it's considerably more expressive than Latin, it doesn't sound as good to me. Modern Greek is like scratching nails on a chalkboard. lol.

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