Just for fun - You be the judge: How would you handle this cartoon situation?


If you were judge Cerubo in this scene, and you had Keet Kabo in your courtroom, how would you handle this scenario differently? The case was a pretty serious one when Candi gives her testimony, gets a little lighter with Dolly, but Keet treats the whole thing like a joke. If you had to bring order to the court, could you compose yourself better than Cerubo, or would the pirate that is her own parrot drive you up the wall even faster?


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  • i'd just eat spaghetti in front of all da court, then leave 8)


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  • i would be composed.


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  • Who dafuq r these characters?

    • This is concept art to "Sodality: Vindication," a work-in-progress via Dozerfleet Comics. Candi "Ciem" McArthur is like a centipede-themed hero. Dolly has a suit of armor dubbed "the Earwig." Keet Kabo is a space parakeet, and a parody of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Candi is on trial for erratic driving and because her DNA is illegal. Dolly for a probation violation after a past wrongful conviction. Keet crashed into a tool shed in Alaska after being shot out of the sky.

      Half the Sodality is on trial, the other half in Italy. The Sodality is like a Justice League/Avengers type group. The guys mostly get to play Avengers, while the girls got captured and their exploits sound like Orange is the New Black had a baby with Animaniacs. Because why not?