Don't give me that "its equal" BS. Who's more likely to be a misogynist? Initially unattractive or initially attractive guys?

Which one is more likely to be a misogynist and why? Also do you viciously expect initially unattractive guys to be completely unfazed by chronic rejection and/or ridicule from the opposite sex and unconditionally have love and hope?


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  • Probably the unattractive guy because he more than likely has a chip on his shoulder.

    • But isn't he viciously expected by those who never walked in his shoes to be super unfazed by rejection and think he has the same chance as the initially attractive guys?

    • Your Answer was the best. For some reason only you understood the question...

    • Thats cool - Thankd for MHO

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  • The guy--which can be either--who is ignorant and thinks he's not getting the attention he "deserves".

    No. I don't expect guys that I consider unattractive to unbothered by constant rejection, but I do expect common sense out of people.

    Rejection happens. A LOT to some people. I've met a man on here who says that he's been rejected EVERY SINGLE TIME he's asked someone out and still hasn't found someone. I can understand how that would get someone down and make someone bitter.

    ... But that's only if you lose hope. Even if life isn't going great, you have to see the light at the end of the tunnel or else there's just going to be a downward spiral into a black abyss of depression that will be almost impossible to get out of.

    There are also guys who don't want to try different things or get out of their comfort zone because they're too intimidated. I know one who was a heavy set man and he said he wanted women to love him for him.

    ... That's nice. But the majority of women don't want to fuck Cleveland Brown or Peter Griffin, just like I don't think the majority of men want to fuck Lester's Wife on the Cleveland Show. He was upset and angry at women because he was selfishly expecting a woman to be attracted to him when many weren't. I got what he was saying... but he was unwilling to change and so he--as far as I know--is still alone.

    As for the intimidated guys, I'll hear a bunch of bitter whining protests about why women don't approach men more and improper use of the word "equality" which is literally covering their true agenda--the selfishness that they have which is expecting women who prefer not to walk up to men to walk up to men.

    I'm sorry if they're very shy/insecure. That's has nothing to do with the women though. If this is impeding them from dating and they don't want to walk up to women when they can overcome it, that's their choice. It's also the choice of a woman to walk up to a man if she wants to. Like some illogical women tend to think, a man that a woman is interested in who doesn't approach her isn't gay or something else demeaning--he might simply not be interested in her or he's shy. But he does not HAVE to approach if he does not want to. And if the woman wants this guy who is NOT going to approach, she would either have to approach or move on. Same difference.

    • And which one is more likely?

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    • Lol. Now I'm whining because you were too stupid to understand what I said in the first place? My very first statement answered your question by NOT assuming. You're the dumbass that didn't get it and still doesn't seem to be able to. *shakes head* XD

    • Lames love to call people names lol.

  • Hard to say, they could both have reasons to disrespect women.
    The unattractive guy may be resentful and may think of women as gold digging looking-only-for-the-hottest-guy sluts
    But the attractive guy could see women as easy one night stands and not worth having a relationship with and only good for sex...
    So it could go both ways, it's about their personalities and personal experiences.

  • guys are tbh.


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  • It is irrelevant I think, it is a personal experience for each individual's point of view and how they deal with every one of them, with each cases penetrates and difficulties
    It is like asking: "Who will have the most disregard for his/her community, the Rich or the Poor?".
    But I think "Unattractive misogynist" is "more likely" to recover and find love again.