So my parents think I'm "mad" ?

My dad booked me an appointment with a GP to "talk" about the "issues" in my head.

I've gone through a pretty rough period and I just wanted time to myself. I've been looking for little jobs to get some money going, but I haven't heard from anyone (yet).

So they've booked me to speak with a GP...

I told my parents all I really need is to spend time with my friends, but I can't since they're all away.

I feel like spending time with friends is the best medicine, but my parents are so stubborn they think they're doing the "best" for me...

I'm 100% happier when I'm not at home... that speaks volumes does it not.

I'm sad when I'm at home, but happy when I'm not and when I'm in the presence of friends. Maybe the problem isn't within me, it's within these four walls?


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  • I think the problem is your relationship with your parents.

    • It is.

      For 20 years I've felt like the dark horse.

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  • That probably is the case. Sometimes people feel more comfortable outside with their friends than inside with their family. Im like that at times. The stress/conflicts in a home drives people away and I think thats the problem. Its not you at all, its the environment you're somewhat trapped in.


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  • What you're saying makes sense. Getting this stuff off your chest can't hurt, and since you've been having a rough time recently and no doubt worried about not working, it sounds like a good idea to keep the appointment.
    Remember that you are the doctor's patient, not your folks. S/He'll be on your side.

    Be kind to yourself.

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