What would you say my bra size is?

So everywhere I try calculating it, it says I am either a 32DDD or a 34E and I just find that hard to believe as I've never felt well endowed. Here are my measurements, if you could help me out it would be much appreciated <3

Above bust: 30 inches
Bust: 36 inches
Below bust: 27 inches


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  • Sears has two different bra size calculators online and they use slightly different methods. The first one I tried said that your bust size was wrong. Given your below bust size, it then said your bust size was an error and would not accept any number larger than 34. The other one just gave the method without a calculator, but because of your size it would not specify the cup size. Putting your numbers into the Victoria;s Secret calculator, it said the below bust measurement was in error and needed to be at least 30.

    After all these attempts, my conclusion is: I am glad I am not a woman trying to figure my bra size. No wonder women so often have ill fitting bras.


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  • Sorry, I honestly can't tell from measurements. I would need to see a picture to guess but you're under 18 so I don't think you should post one

    • A+ for effort, buddy

    • @PropaneAccessories I have no desire to see the asker's breasts because she is probably around my little brother's age. That's why I said I don't recommend posting a picture. I just can't tell if they're big, small or in between by reading numbers because I don't go around measuring girl's chests

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