Theory of how we came to be (please no religious zeal), what do you think?

there are currently a lot of intresting hypotheses about how the human race came to be
which do you find the most intresting/plausible?

mine is that we originated from Mars and fucked up there so we had to emigrate, which is why there was originally water and vegetation on Mars.

Also that Africa was the previous centre of the world, and that some war destroyed it all and made it a wasteland

and i would like to beg any religious people to refrain from commenting with god if at all possible


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  • Alright, people either believe in creation, or believe in evolution brother.
    What possible reason would there be for us to originate on Mars?
    If we screwed up on Mars, and managed space travel to get over here, how was that technology lost?

    • what reason? what is the difference between the reason of origin here and there?
      and how was the technology lost?
      very easy:
      think of the big bang as the space ship landing
      then, we have lost all of the technology we had on our original planet. thus the knowledge would be there, but not the means. and thus the knowledge would diminish. it is not as if we remember everything either right?

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    • it is not like i say it is logic to have evolved from mars, nor do i say it's better.
      and if you get dumped in the middle of the amazon forest, with no equipment and just the knowledge, it would be the same. even though we posses knowledge doesn't immediatly make it possible to achieve it

    • the gathering of food, is a task we could have managed since we are alive right?

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  • thats a cool theory. Never heard it before

  • We having to emigrate from Mars explains why there was originally water and vegetation on Mars? Where did originate before that/How did human life begin on Mars?

    • maybe we can find out after discovering more about mars i suppose.

    • that is something i do not know, but it could be the origin of the human race on earth!

  • there is one where it says microorganism evolved from basic protein, and then the microorganism just went on to become animals, i think that sounds very plausible.

    what i am saying is all animals came from protein, which makes sense.

    • of course, evolving from cells is very plausible :D

  • africa wasn't the center of the world it was just the biggest part where humans lived when pangea seperated humans werent smart enough to have wars so my guess is they left because natural disasters or disease.

    • but couldn't it be that there was a civilization and that is how we originated from Africa in the pangea era? i could explain the impossible structures as well, and why africa is fertile, but such a desert area

    • maybe? its where humans originated from so its not impossible. it could explain why the native americans traveled across the land bridge to america.

  • Most human beings evolved from shad roe in the north atlantic. The Obama family, however, descended from ape shit.