Would you rather be unique or sexy?

Yeah being both would be ideal but if you had to sacrifice one for the other which would you choose?


- what if your uniqueness made you less attractive & sexy, as well as made it hard for you to find a partner
- what if your sexiness made you less interesting & unique... or does sexiness always make you more appealing/likable?

Random pictures for examples

Annie Clark from St. Vincent - unique
Would you rather be unique or sexy?

Carol Seleme model - sexy

Some dudes for fairness

Tom Waits musician (picture of him when he was young looking better than he usually does) - unique

Charlie Hunnam as Jax Teller actor - sexy (had to pick Charlie because fuck channing tatum, he looks like a douche)

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Most Helpful Girl

  • I feel sexier when a guy is looking at me in awe or appreciation of my personality/intelligence. I do like to be a mystery, so I chose unique. :)

    • But you are already attractive so adding to your character is just building upon what you have. The reason why I asked this question is I feel in order to be more a appealing to women (and others in general) I need to sacrifice some of my unique qualities both physically & mentally.

    • I was wrong. Being me is all need to do.

Most Helpful Guy

  • Sexy. These days "unique" people aren't unique at all, they're fucking unoriginal little attention seekers.

    • I don't think I can pull off sexy as I am right now but this is totally true in some cases for people who are "unique".

      I aiming for both.

    • Go for it man! And thanks for MH!

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  • Sexy for sure

  • I would rather be unique.

  • Being unique. Because being sexy gets you attention that you really dont want sometimes. At least with being unique you could tone it down and slink within the shadows of Arkham city, wear a bat suite, and fuck shit out of people.

    • Um, okay. This is going to sound odd but that sounds so much like what a guy who is being stubbornly defiant about changing his appearance for the better would say... also you're using a video game & comic book character as an example, in real life you'd either die or go to jail or both

      But thanks for the input. Also unwanted attention is better than getting no attention and no appreciation. I've been invisible before (still am to a degree) it just plain sucks.

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    • I will agree that there are shades of gray (grey).

      Let's just agree to disagree about whether gaining too much attention or not enough is good/bad. If I had it my way, I would keep debating about this to the death. But I dont think you want death on your forum.

    • lol I'll teach you how to be invisible if you show me how to get noticed...

  • Unique of course! Sexy will fade with time, but someone who's unique, now that'll never burn out.

  • Actually I am unique and I am guessing being sexy would be fun. And both of these dudes look weird.

    • I didn't feel like looking through a bunch of pics of male models to get the "right one" that suits most girls (and guys) desires so I chose Charlie. Tom Waits was an example of unique because he is... anyway it was a shallow way of displaying examples - its all face value but if you look into both Annie Clark & Tom Waits you'll see there is so much more to them than what can be seen from a picture.

    • It's okay, no need to explain. :)

  • I pick unique.

  • Gimme unique anytime.


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