Can you solve this strange murder case?

Okay so your're invited to a fancy dinner party with your partner or significant other half, Immediately as you arrive at the dinner you notice something is off, but put it off and just enjoy the fine night of cuisine and alcholol, the venue is a equestrian victorian old manor house... with quite some history, the owner or rather the party leader, is Sir Rupert downing jr, who owns the manor with his wife beatricia... beatricia and Rupert downing are the party hosts..

The other guests in the party are...

Colonel Chambers ( a Iraq gulf war veteran)
Can you solve this strange murder case?

Geoffrey Richman (A wealthy snobby obnoxious millionare)

Shannon Simmons (Young woman spoilt rich daughter of a business man)

Dr. Hower-Lopez (a perverted doctor )

Lucy thumberdale (A beautiful shy and modest young news reporter/art critic)

Shannon goes off to the restroom, and disappears... dr. hower-lopez also can be seen diappearing off...

Mrs downing aka beatricia goes to the kitchen to serve more drinks and bring the dessert out...
Everyone is enjoying themselves, untill a loud scream is heard from the kitchen, dr. lopez and shannon rush to the kitchen first.
As everyone and you rush to see what it is, you find beatricia lying dead on the floor with blood everywhere, a knife is found in her stomach,

Mr downing is obviously distraught and cries and goes down on his knees to help her, but its too late. Dr. hower checks her pulse and says she's dead...

Mr downing "She's dead, it was one of you bastards, who done this"? " What do you do next?

  • Console, sympathise and help mr. downing come to terms with his loss
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  • Blame someone for it and start a argument
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  • Go for a smoke or walk outside and call the cops
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  • call the cops and remain in the house, tell everyone to remain in one room
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  • Ask the Doctor and Mr. downing who they think done it, use the process of elimination
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  • stay with your partner and do nothing
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Update: You guys call the cops, and tell everyone to stay put... But you all start arguing , shannon accuses dr. downing of murdering his own wife... colonel chambers accuses geoffrey of doing the murder
Update: In the end you decide it's best you all split up and search the manor for the killer, as it may be someone else like the janitor or the cleaner...

You all go into two groups, shannon goes with lucy... dr. hower-lopez goes with you guys, colonel, and mr. downing, geoffrey runs off...

Suddenly you guys hear another scream, as you all rush you find the news reporter lucy dead, ... with a syringe in her neck... apparently shannon found her.

Okay Solve the murder?


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  • The victim appears to be stabbed to death with a knife. most likely a kitchen knife. which means that the murderer must have been in the kitchen with her. i think there are three guests who are the most suspicious, namely:
    1. Shannon, who left the party briefly before the murder.
    2. Dr. Hower-lopez, who was also seen leaving the party briefly before the murder.
    3. and Mrs. Downing herself, as this could also be a suicide case.
    i do not have enough clues to figure out whodunnit. so, i suggest you give me more clues if you want me to be able to deduce who the killer is.

    • if shannon and lucy were together, and Shannon is the one to have found her, She's the prime suspect right now. still no conclusive evidence..

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    • geoffrey ran off because he was scared, he went back home

    • That's what i thought. either he was scared or upset about the colonels accusation

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  • Do you want us to vote what do we do next or solve the crime? Well both?

    • Anyways to answer your question it's never the person/people that seems guilty, it's not the host becuae he was with his guest.

      I am questioning how she died exactly like did you see a knife or a gun or anything.

      But anyway my money is on me. I killed her. You've named a bunch of suspicious people but let's face it majority of the time it's not them. Well you did say we were there in the story it's not like you just told us about what had ocured you said we were there. Well I comited the murder I confess!

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    • i am sorry i wanted to post this on my own opinion. i am sorry for being this stupid to actually post it under yours. i hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me.

    • @IHateSarcasm

      It's fine we all make mistakes

  • blame someone for it.


What Guys Said 2

  • i'd take shannon and leave wid her anyway 8)

  • I roll a motherfucking blunt and walk away, this is too much hassle!

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