Has anyone ever tried Candyflipping?

I am very optimistic as I have had ecstasy in the past and I recently had my first acid trip some im curious as to what the combination of the two will give me, I've done both drugs in public areas but this time I want to do it at a music festival. Would I be able to socialise, and get with girls cuz I know that on xtc i can do all of those with my eyes closed, but the combination I could imagine as a different story, whats you guys's opinons on the matter and whats your experiences?


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  • Go on bluelight if you want to find out about stuff like that, these people don't know anything about drugs, you'll just get bullshit or judgment.

    • On average how fast do people reply on bluelight?

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    • or the feds. but hey

    • That's why you see a lot of SWIM on drug forums. lol

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  • ... ahh looololll. such stupid drugs

    • ah looololol probably never tried them, unlucky for u :/

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    • Good for you, but I'm going to enjoy a good trip this Friday will I take a girl back to my camp to have a good shag haha

    • yea you have fun with that, bahahahaha

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  • wid acid house music in da background? :p

  • You'd better avoid illegal drugs: you *never* know if the next pill is sugar, xtc or rat poison.

    • Appreciate the safety precautions but thats irrelevant to my question and the decisions I make is my choice and my fault if something goes wrong :/ Take drugs at your own risk they say, and it generally has paid off for me :)

    • Until it goes wrong. One of my friends died from an OD. :-(

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