What did you think about age of ultron?

Well, what did you think of Ultron as a character. In my opinion, Ultron was awesome, I felt like he was kinda right, but he just acted in a wrong way. But I think he was the perfect villain to an awesome movie.
I hated the fact that they killed Quicksilver off. The Vision was perfect and I can't wait for the next movie, we get to see him in. So what did you think about the moive? What did you like? What did you not like?
No harsh comments and please no arguing


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  • I think Ultron himself was very disappointing, he was just "yet another crazy AI".

    Otherwise, I did like it, although it didn't feel as grandeous as the first, with the alien invasion and all.

    • I don't feel like he was crazy though.

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    • Not really. He hated Tony because, tony wanted to have him help people, it was just the fact that Ultron doesn't agree. As he said to tony ''You're confusing peace with quiet''

    • I meant to thor

  • it was great my favorite part was when they were in a circle fighting off the robots/cyborgs in order to keep the city from dropping


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