Stores that require college degrees for managers. What are the chances of being able to still get the job without it?

Okay, so I work at Abercrombie and fitch. I work almost as much as the mangers. I do 25-34 hours a week, which is an amazing thing, considering most people only get 6 hours a week. My managers want me to become a mit (manager is training), and then become a manager. They know I don't have a college degree. They don't care. The thing is that only district managers hire managers. My old district manager loved me a lot and so does my new one. I met her twice only, but all my managers said she likes me. The thing is I don't want to lie to her and say I have a college degree, and then get fired if she finds out. We had managers in the past that didn't have college degrees, but they don't check it. The thing is they would for me because I'm not a manager and she probably looked up my status. The thing with Abercrombie and fitch is it is ALL favoritism. If your district manager likes you then you have a much better chance of moving up in the company. Do you think some district managers wouldn't care and put it under the rug? Have you ever known people to do that


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  • If I had a degree and was working at Abercrombie and fitch I would be thinking on my life choices real hard. There's zero chance people pay thousands of dollars every few months just to be paid slightly more than minimum wage while they slowly develop asthma from excessive cheap perfume.

    They want to keep you grateful for anything they throw at you so you'll be less likely to try bargaining for anything better. It sounds like you're pretty sound in the favoritism. Don't buy into their college manager bs.


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  • its all about connections, it seems like you got a decent "in" with your higher ups, don't lie to them, just be cool and continue letting the favorite in you grow.

    • That's with every job. I will not lie about it because I'm afraid I would get fired. I feel like a lot of companies may say they require a degree, but I think sometimes they put things under the rug. It's not like I'm applying to become a doctor or lawyer.
      Plus only reason why I want to become manager is because it will be good on my resume.

    • yeah I think you should just be honest and go for it.

    • Hell yeah!

  • I would not lie. If they find out, it is grounds for dismissal from you current job. Nothing like going from the prospect of manager to the unemployment line.

    • I know... I will not lie

  • most people only get 6 hours a week? HOLY MOLY! WHY WORK?

    I didn't think you needed to go to college to become a manager. Each store has their own thing anyways, their own way of doing things.

    • Yeah! Abercrombie always wants new people. I'm extremely lucky to get good hours.

    • The only people I have ever known to get hours like 6 hours per week are 14 year olds at the grocery store I worked at.

    • I know
      That's why it's not a legit job for most. Most do it just for fun
      I do it to are to my resume

  • hmmmm without degree... difficult i'm afraid :/

  • You don't need a degree to work in fucking retail! lmao

    • In that store you do

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    • Haha well that sucks
      Never happened to me. But like I said there is a lot of favoritism in that place

    • I can understand it at places like LV, a buddy of mine trains their staff in the middle east, but not A&F. You should try and take it as far as you can, when you reach the glass ceiling, jump ship to somewhere with more scope.

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