80s music poll: favorite album by The Beat (aka English Beat)/General Public/Amazulu?

The Beat (aka The English Beat) were a ska/2-tone band with some hits during da early 80s... mostly known for their songs "Mirror In The Bathroom" and "Can't Get Used To Losing You". After their break-up some members of The Beat formed General Public, a new-wave band yet wid some 2-tone/ska elements. Mostly known for their song "Tenderness".

Personally i liked "I Just Can't Stop It" and "... All The Rage" mostly

Amazulu were a reggae-pop band mostly known for their song "Too Good To Be Forgotten"... didn't like their album so much tbh :|

  • I Just Can't Stop It (The Beat)
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  • Wha'ppen? (The Beat)
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  • Special Beat Service (The Beat)
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  • ... All The Rage (General Public)
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  • Hand To Mouth (General Public)
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  • Amazulu (Amazulu)
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  • Spellbound (Amazulu)
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  • Never heard of them and I like two tone/ska. Will have to check them out a bit later. This week has been mostly The Specials playing on my stereo.

    • ah nice :D

      i like both Specials' albums... although i didn't like da one they relesead under "AKA The Special" name :|

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    • The Wha'ppen album on YouTube.

    • nice :)

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