Do I have a right to be so pissed I refuse to apologize?

So my granma and I have never gotten along ever since I came out at 14. When that happened our connection was lost, our closeness gone. She stopped being who she was to me and just began to talk shit about my dad, his side of the family, and how I'm like him or will be when I turned 16. So now she finds every reason in the book to get angry with me. I admit my wrongdoing with many things, but this is something I truly believe is on her.

Basically I was at wal-mart working and she let me use her car to get there and back. I get there, work, get a call that she wants me to pick her up, start to leave, remember to do things inside, and left. I forgot to tell her though, thinking it'll take five minutes, ten at most, and was on my way about 45 minutes after I got off. She already called me twice 10 minutes after I got off, however, demanding where I was. I told her I was still there, I just got done actually and had things to do she can not expect me to be done exactly at four. She said whatever and hung up on me. When I actually leave she's calling thinking I was on a joyride. I tried explaining that the manager spoke to me afterwards and I did my shopping and was on my way. She kept going on and I said I was sorry about three times before I screamed at her that I was coming, hung up, and slammed my phone down. I normally dont talk when driving but she was pissing me off with her text messages her sent. I got there, started to drive back, but I was so angry I almost blew two stop signs, and blew a third one before she yelled at me to pull over. I was already pissed, but she was making it worse cause the minute she got in the car she WOULDN'T SHUT UP. She then went on to say to never ask her for her car, she knows I was joyriding cause her gas is low. Reason is cause my stupid mom took her car and went out but nobody listens to me. Anyway, I can't drive it until I apologize for joyriding I didn't do! Why am I being blamed for my mom lying on me? Am I the wrong one here?


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  • relax dude... behavin dat way, u sound more than a 45 yo angry middle-aged guy than a 18 yo boi... u should giv her some time 2 calm down!

    • I've given her stubborn ass a week and need her car in two days to get to a city and back. Where I live, public transportation is a joke.

      And trust me, I'm as angry as a 45 y/o at times, lifes been a bitch to me.

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