Why don't teachers let students learn the proper way first?

Like for example I took a shop class one time and the teacher was teaching the students how to use the miter saw. Actually she just let the students draw a line on a board and cut it. I was the only one out of 20 students who could cut it to the length she wanted. Not once did the teacher mention to the students that the teeth stick out about 1/16'' of an inch past the blade or explained that the blade itself takes out wood saw basically every student cut the board an 1/8'' or more to short. Why don't teachers tell you what you need to know and then let the student practice? Even then it would still take a few tries to get it right. Especially since every saw is a little different. So basically they did all that and they're still scratching their heads figuring out what went wrong. This is why I can't be taught and have to teach myself how to do things.

I had 4 different shop teachers after the original one and the only one I learned anything from was the first teacher cause he actually cared. Then again once I got into high school the kids never even cared about the class so I guess I can't blame the teacher.


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  • hahha guess they just follow "school-rules" :|

  • This happens in almost every level of education you go to. I wish they would just teach the right way instead of teaching wrong but more understandable concepts only to tell you 2 years later it was incorrect and explain it the correct way.

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