Do you think atheists have a sense of morality , from right and wrong?

It seems to me the Internet seems to be a magnet attraction for athiests, it doesn't surprise me , because the internet is evil anyway, a work of satan himself...

Anytime i go on youtube i see people talking about dicks, oral sex, semen and sexual gay things... What has the world come to...

In my mind when i see these comments I just picture, some athiest internet troll who watches way too much porn...

That's another thing athiests happily watch porn, any kind... And watch that aswell as having sex with their own partners , are people insane?

All these sick things , makes me think do they actually no from right and wrong, or are they just abusive

The internet is a dangerous thing, all it takes is a tor browser and bam you are in athiest land , aka the deep web

I'm not saying sex talking is bad, but just the way some people go on about certain things and pm random girls digusting sexual messages
Y'all athiest should just watch gore. com or livemurders or something, you might aswell download tor now and worship your god... satan himself


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  • ok. so im an atheist and i dont care if this is a troll post or not im responding before i go to work so forgive me if i dont articulate myself as well as i could.
    yes atheists have a sense of morality, its called empathy. it i a naturally occurring mental faculty that is prevalent in a few animals. we can understand how it would feel if we injured another person and we can understand why we shouldn't do that.
    atheists, in my experience, are generally more moral than Christians due to the simple fact that when we help someone, its because we wish to help them. we are not being threatened by an imaginary sky father figure who says that we will get to go to heaven if we do good deeds. (though if you read the bible it says that anyone can get into heaven as long as you believe which in itself is fucking bonkers. but thats a conversation for another time.) as i have came away from religion, i have felt my mental faculties grow and not say simply, i should pick up that litter because it would be a good deed in the eyes of the lord, rather, i should pick up that litter because it would leave the world a little better than i found it.
    atheists do things for posterity while Christians do things for the betterment of their situation. (not everyone is like this but a lot of people are.) not to mention all the ways of denying rights to "gods beloved creations" for being who he created them to be (if you believe that).
    also religion suppresses sexual feelings in order to try to maintain control over people. it makes people try to deny their own biological drives and thats total insanity. our drive biologicaly is to procreate. this is what life does. there's nothing wrong with it and its weird to me to think that there is. your parents had sex to make you, wether in wedlock or not, you were made by this drive. if someone wants to watch porn, more power to them (i am one of these people).
    so in the end, i dont know how you can see atheists being immoral when there haven't been any mass killings done in the name of atheism while the crusades, charlie hebdo, the witch hunts can all be tied back to religion as a whole.
    last point before i run out the door. there are more people in prison for violent crimes that claim a religious background. not an atheistic one. :) i could link articles if you dont believe me. people will do unspeakable things if they think they are doing the work of the lord.
    good night and science bless ;)

    • that was fun to read

    • Atheists even give more to charity, although it is often refused by some religious charities and those in need are left to suffer.

    • May the flying spaghetti monster touch the Asker with his noodly appendage like he has touched you!

      ... Ramen

      Seriously... awesome response.

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  • I'm a porn-addicted, sick, insane, athiest internet troll. How absolutely correct.

    • no, this is mostly males who think they're pc warrirors, and hide behind the computer talking filfh and swear and call 15 year old girls bitches

    • Alright fair enough, but how about the rest of the athiest population? They should simply be assumed to be the above because they are athiest?

  • The religious definitions of "morality" aren't based in logic and rational thinking.

    You people think something is immoral simply bc a book says so. Us atheists think something is immoral if it harms others.

  • Id much rather be a loving and accepting atheist than a hateful Christian.
    There are good and bad people in every religion.
    Morality is related to your actions not to your religious beliefs.

  • none of the things you listed are wrong...

  • Yes I think they do.


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  • So you're an atheist as well case you have to be using the internet to post your bullshit.

    Even you lovely religious numbnuts watch porn. Everyone does. Its there for our enjoyment, in case you haven't noticed.

    Honestly, I can only deal with so much stupid in a day. This topic has surpassed that limit a long time ago.

    • That is total crap, If you are in a relationship , i find porn boring and don't see the point in it...
      Why watch some guy get off and whack over it, when you can do it yourself

    • it's borderline homosexual watching another guy with a penis stick his thing in some woman and men get off over this, Makes me think they are actually inhertly bisexual or closet homos

  • I know a troll post when I see one.

    • shut up I'm asking a question

  • LOL yeah i'm an atheist and have some morals

  • I'm an atheist and I certainly have a sense of what's good and bad... but your comment makes me wonder if religious people lack that same sense... either that, or you are all just a bunch of ignorant people... or maybe it's just you.. I don't know.

  • *sighs8... Yes..

  • No, being an atheist means no God, which no fundamental morality, right and wrong, etc. They have made themselves their own god. So, they just say do what makes them feel good at the moment, without regard to any short- or long term consequences. When one is only accountable to himself, it can only go toward evil, not good.

  • Atheists are fine in my book. (And its a best seller)

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