What do you think of my peom?

What do you think of my peom?
OK so I like poetry so I write my own poem's but I had a little trouble finishing this one what do you think? And I don't like the ending much I'm thinking of changing it


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  • this is a nice message, but if i may, i can help u edit it. the key with sad poems is to slow your reader down and let em feel ur pain for a moment. that means more lines.

    Everyday I see you
    I become incredibly doleful,
    knowing that the love I have for you
    isn't returned to me, but instead
    held for another.

    just a few grammar fix ups and sentence structure and you'll b fine =] keep expressing urself.

    • That's really good and thank you nice advice but I like to keep my poem's simple and a little rhyming I have another peom it's my first one and everyone liked it if you want to see it I can totally show you

    • alright no worries.
      well if u wanna put it here i can have a look=]

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  • Not the best poem ever but it's good..

  • its nice...


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