Should I meet up with a youtuber that I like?

I'm going to be in the same place as them for a couple of days and they usually say in their videos if people are in town to message them and they'd meet up with you. Should I /would you?


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  • Sure, why not... bring a friend and paint the town red. Things like this only happen once in a blue moon here, dear, so knock yourself out and go for it.
    Yes, I certainly would. I went even further than you... I met up with a guy who found me on Fb four years ago, and after having done Skype for a length of time with him and his family, hopped aboard and wet abroad to Egypt and eventually after coming back home, flew back out to him where... we ended up tying the knot at the Ministry of Justice.
    Good luck... one never knows if one never tries... you only live once. xx


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  • No.
    Meeting people you admire from afar is always dissapointing.


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  • I would do it if I liked/respected them. Who is it?

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