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You are a teacher in a classroom.
You have a total of 27 kids unde your supervision. One day you decide to go to see a show, but it turns out your reservation has been mixed up so your whole class is relegated to the back of the room.
The organizers offer you some chairs to stand upon though.
Now there's a problem, see the kids are not all of same height.
9 are short, 9 are average and 9 are very tall.
The tallest 9 can see just fine above the seated crowd but they want to sit down and be comfortable too.
The average 9 struggle a bit on their toes to see anything.
And the smallest can't see anything no matter what they do.

Now... you have 27 chairs but they turn out to be of different sizes.
Do you...
a) give the tallest kids the smallest chairs, the average kids the larger chairs and the smallest the biggest chairs

b) give each kids equal sized chairs

Explain your choice.
Inspired by a UN report that i will link after i get some results.

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Ok for the same of maintaining the story intact, let's assume that the Option A is to give the smallest kids 2 chairs one on top of the other to sit on and the tallest kids get none.

Someone complained about chair size :)


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  • I chose chairs based on everyone's needs not wants

    • Most girls seem to go with that idea.

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  • This is not a clear choice - you said the chairs were different sizes. How could they suddenly be equal sized?

    • Hmm.. ok I will update - hold on.

What Guys Said 3

  • Knowing myself, I would probably just go apeshit at the staff and either get proper seats for the kids or get thrown out and banned for life.

    If I'd organised permission slips and payments for every kid in advance then the theatre should fucking well provide adequate seats for us and its not my problem if they stuffed up, its their problem.

    • *Headdesk*
      This question isn't really getting the results i was hoping for lol...

      A pity you weren't my teacher back then. Hilarity would have ensued.

    • Yeah, its proper seats or money back


  • I just got finished with my finals and don't want to use my brain

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