Anybody into dream analyzing? what does this dream means?

i dreamt that i was in the college. my crush was standing buying some food, and i went and said i want to talk. he followed me, and as soon as we stopped infront of the stairs he said i want to go upstairs to shave.. theirs a salon up.. company me. i went up with him, and we found the place closed. he said it's closed and he went down. (p. s. i made him grew his beard cause i like it). anyways he went down and i stayed up. there were 3 dogs. they woken up when he went down, and one of the three dogs bite my hand... biting it with anger and not letting go.. i didn't panic i made him smell my hands to let me go but he didn't, then the other two dogs came and started slowly biting the dog whos bitting me to let me go. he somehow let me go and i was covered in blood not entirley but the places he bit me (i didn't feel pain in the dream though), and i went down to the bathroom or something, however thats all i can remember. Anyone knows what it means?

p. s. before I went to talk to my crush.. i think I was high smoked hash or something and I was sitting and as he was passing I caught him looking at me and that's why I went to talk to him I think... and in real life I told him that I like him, but he didn't response me, neither a yes nor a no.


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  • Yeah, I'm "pretty good" with it, give me a few minutes...

    • First we analyze the prominent factors:
      A college means a few things. Social and cultural changes, a desire to try new thing. Maybe you need to learn something, or be more open about new things in regards to this crush.
      Beards means concealment, and masculinity. You either want him to me masculine, which can also mean more dominant, which in turn means taking action, like asking you out. Or there is a part of him you don't like as much and you're trying to ignore it.
      Salons mean a new outlook on life, or an insecurity with your appearance. Again this is a reinforcement of opening up and trying new things in regards to this guy.
      Stairs are more obvious. Climbing up, is yet another symbol of embracing change, growing, and branching out. Going down the stairs is symbolic of regressing into old habits, or even a fear of change.
      Dog bites can mean fear of change, disloyalty, or even betrayal.

      Follow comment with my interpretations..

    • It really sounds to me like you are making good decisions to be with this guy, but you need to ask yourself, are these choices good for YOU? I think you're worried that you're not being true to yourself, and that you'll have to change in ways that make you uneasy, for this guy. I suggest taking it bit more slowly, and check yourself each step of the way and make sure you are still *you*, and okay with who you are becoming. Additionally, these changes maybe a good and necessary thing for you, and not just for him. Branching out and growing are always great, when it's for the right reasons, and the best reason of all is for yourself, and because you genuinely want to. IN short, make the changes if you're comfortable doing so, but don't do it for him, do it for YOU.

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  • Dreams don't really hold a meaning tbh. So don't read too much into it

  • i dont think it means anything.