Good fighting styles?

As a black man i don't like seeing these videos of white girs of wiggers fighting an even beating sisters even white boys beating brothers i gotta earn to fight so anytime i see a brother or a sister getting beat up i will jump in !


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  • Any style can be good, and long as
    you can see yourself in it.

    It's just as important to enjoy what you learn
    as having a good teacher.

    In any decent martial arts school, one of the first
    thing they'll teach you, is self-control and discipline.

    Learning to control your anger, that it won't
    control you, is essential.

    I can't really recommend any styles to you
    without being biased, I've practiced Karate
    Kung Fu, Jiu Jitsu/Ju Jutsu and currently Tai Chi.

    It's up to you, to find a style that you like. ^.^


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  • You can look around and see if there's a program that appeals to your interests and price range. I think there are a lot of quizzes rolling around for "what martial art should I learn" sort of thing.

  • people should not fight.


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  • Imho, judging from your character, no professional gym would accept you if you are going to use what you learnt to hurt other people.