Do you think what I'm saying is just BS or could it be true?

So people say universe began with Big Bang. Well at least that's the most widely accepted theory. So what I want to know is what happened before the Big Bang. I actually dreamed this... so my dream was that there is a never ending cycle. Every 10 billion years or so another Big Bang happens. Then the whole thing resets. At that point, everything that ever happened to anyone is basically wiped out. After that, what's going on with Earth happens in a few different galaxies. There are people who exist they form a society and stuff. Then when all these societies figure out that this is a never ending cycle and there's nothing they can do about it, another Big Bang happens. Then the whole thing starts over as organisms thinking they're the first in the universe. Do you think what I randomly had a dream about could be true or is it just BS.


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  • Well, this is actually not something you "invented". Your dream was likely caused by something you heard, read or watched about this topic. Basically, there are currently two accepted scientific theses about this question. One states that the universe will expand further and further, so that everything (all the galaxies and solar systems etc.) get pulled apart further and further and it will never stop expanding. The other thesis is that, indeed, the universe runs in cycles. This second thesis claims that the extreme expansion causes something like an energy vacuum at the center of the universe sooner or later. This again leads to the universe collapsing on itself, imploding and becoming incredibly small again (to start a new big bang). It currently not known which of these theses is correct but there is a fair chance that we will find out at one point. Perhaps even in our lifetime. Then, however, there is a second question you mentioned: the one about what was before. Regardless of whether the universe will expand into eternity or whether it runs in cycles, it still must have started at one point. What was before this "ignition" is not known and will, most likely, never be known. At least there exist no technologies today that would even allow us to imagine how to solve this question. Sometimes, however, the most likely answers in astrophysics are the most unsatisfactory ones for human beings. Because the most likely answer would simply be "nothing". This also the case for the question "what lies outside of the universe?" Of course it is theoretically possible that there is something. But it is more likely that there is simply, well, nothing. Unfortunately, "nothing" is nothing human beings can accept easily. It seems very strange to us. But then again, the universe doesn't care about what we think.

    • my theory... well not my theory but in my dream i also thought that people do find out all the mysteries and right when they do find out its too late to do anything as this big bang happens again

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    • I have horrible writing skills... I come up with ideas, I'll leave the grammar, spelling, sentence flow, and vocabulary to the next guy.

    • Haha, well, you're still very young ;-). When I was your age I wasn't particularly good at writing either. Maybe it will change. I love to write now and I also think my writing skills are pretty good. It's just important that you enjoy it.

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