Lol which one is worse, my mother or father?

So my dad's an ass, and everyone, including his family, his family's family, my dog, (if I had one), likely realizes this.

But my mother? lol there is NO one I have met as stupid and selfish as my mother, undoubtedly.

Victim syndrome, selfish, jealous, spreads hatred, compares people, doesn't own up for her mistakes, doesn't work hard for anything, puts you down and then gets defensive when you put her down... oh my goodness.

Today, she emails me, saying, your dad is going to pick you up because I can't and I'm sick. Then goes on to imply I shouldn't be late becuase my dad's worked the whole day and is tired.

As though I"ve been sitting around all day hatching eggs, like her, and my poor dad is tired and has come home from work.

You know, if my mom had to start University, or even a job... she would last a day. Oh wait she already has, she got a job in a pizza store and quit in a day because why would she work when she can live off of my rich father's money.

Again, he's a total jerk. The worst kind. But she's like the hidden culprit that likes playing the victim. Interestingly, this was pointed out by him.

I don't know two people who hate each other more, (actually wait, my mother loves my father because he's $, and she's just the type of person who would love a 'rich' person without working hard for that money herself), and deserve each other to the fullest extent.

I should get an award for putting up with them. I'm not even kidding. Worst parents of the year award, the only award that has no other nominees because none other even compare


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  • I don't like your mother to be honest, a woman who loves someone just because of money, if I'm a guy, I'm gonna search for someone better than her, as for your dad, he has to learn something so you have to show him some good examples as you go through life, if he ever mad or complain you or pointed out what you're doing (something good and not doing bad), speak up to him and he will know what's right and what's wrong, tell him his mistakes. As for your mom, if she compares you, compare her back, same thing, show her a good example, and show them you are different from them, show them the example of the opposite of them

    • I sent her an email telling her to shut the fuck up because she couldn't even handle a day at a pizza store, and if she knows what's best for her she'll stop telling other people who want to work hard what to do.

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    • Honestly... thanks for your post, because I never used to think my mom is jealous, but now I realize she is. I mean jealous of other people, sure lol that is evident. Jealous of me? Never even thought that.

      Yeah my mom once told me everyone would reject me when getting married.

      Now I'm beautiful in real life, clever too. She is neither.

      Sometimes I feel like... all her 'stories' I wonder how many of them were lies. She was like oh when I was young I was getting all these proposals, blah blah blah, when I asked her why she married late.

      Now I wonder if no one was willing to marry her.

    • It might be true or false, but remember that your mom wants the money type, so maybe that's the reason and welcome, stay beautiful on the inside as well, and you will get a good partner :)

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  • both it seems..

  • I think parents who molest their children or are physically or mentally abusive deserve the worst parent of the year award. Yours aren't perfect but there are worse out there.

  • Hey at least nobody is getting beat down

  • I don't pull this line very often , but they need Jesus.

  • Feel better now?

    • No. You forget I have to live/put up with them. The venting is only a temporary balm on a very big wound.

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    • While I agree with the general thoughts of your paragraph; I'll just say this: my mother is the type of person where, the nicer you are to her, the more she takes advantage of that.

      The meaner you get, the more she behaves.

      That may come across as me being cruel and bitchy, but that is generally what I've noticed about her.

      I'm not defensive, I'm just tired of her.

      She didn't work hard for anything in her life, and here I am, taking morning buses to make sure I get to school on time, and studying till late evening.

      She has done nothing all week but complain about her life and herself, and her sickness, and her woes... oh my goodness.

      The 2-side stories thing is true, but notice how, while realizing my dad is an asshole, I'm not complaining about him? He is what he is. I'm sure he knows he's an ass too.

      But she pretends like she's so innocent and good and some kind of queen, when in reality, she's nothing but a loudmouth.

    • Hmm. Well, in a way I really understand you and I feel bad for you. But I would still love to hear your parents' side of the story. I'm just curious what they would say about the whole thing (especially your mom). Maybe I would also come to the conclusion that she's a stupid person but it would still be nice to have more details. Because you don't want to provide them here (which is fine), I unfortunately can't help you although I would like to try.
      Maybe just one more thing on the side: I totally understand that you are annoyed about your mom just kind of getting everything for free while you have to work a lot for it. But then again, you will also be able to profit from your rich dad's money once they are dead. So that's something to look forward to I guess. And more importantly, don't have a grudge against the world for this. Life is unfair, that's just the way it is. I am almost blind and my life has always been a struggle. But I don't hate other people for having it easy.

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  • they both are!