What would you do if you lived in this situation?

So I'm 17 and living with my dad, his wife, and my two half sisters. I've lived here for coming on three monthes. They've mooched me to death and recently cost me 300$ on a plane ticket situation and screwed me over. They used to also make me clean everything and I mean i never made any messes but they'd tell me to grab them things such as drinks etc and I was essentially taken advantage of, sucked dry, and talked to like I was a dog. Recently I just told them, I won't touch or use any of your personal belonging or eat any of your food and you won't to mine. Basically I just keep my mouth shut around them. In the past they've verbally abused me, almost broke some of my things, etc. generally over very petty things. My dad would say he doesn't but he takes his families side because he doesn't know me very well. His wife is the worst she acts like a spoiled child whose entitled to my hard earned money or acts like I should always buy her things. They all do. Now I just try to stay out as much as possible and I don't touch any of their stuff. When I am home I stay in me and my younger sisters room with the door shut and watch tv or use the computer. I also have to keep a majority of my stuff in my suitcase otherwise my older sister would use allllll of it and I can't afford to keep 5 people alive on 10.50an hour plus tips, only myself

For example I already know they are just going to run their mouth if I say anything so that's why I just keep my mouth shut and I've stopped letting the take advantage of me. I don't touch their stuff, I try not to be a financial burden on them, etc. actually I don't like asking people for money because it brings such a strain to the relationship in general. Regardless at least I have a job, at least they no longer touch my stuff, at least I get to go school free because of my dads financial aid
In the fall. And I turn 18 in 6 monthes and I can get a studio apartment or move in with a roommate. The only thing I need to do is learn how to drive because once I turn 18 I'm getting my license and Id same day and moving out the same or next month


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  • i'd just... tolerate t :(

    • Yeah this situation has taught me to be extremely tolerant as well as not demanding or entitled. If this is the worst living situation I ever have to be in than its not so bad. Plus it's only for 6-7 more monthes and I'm stacking cash until then

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  • Go live at college, work part time and find friends who would be able to split rent with you.

    • I'm probably moving into a dorm after I finish my transferable degree in community college. But yeah once I'm 18 I'm finding a roommate to split rent with me or maybe move in with a boyfriend or something.

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  • i would go insane.

    • I don't let bitches drive me crazy. It's only for about 6-7 monthes and I'm moving out. Plus I get to go to school essentially for free (college)

    • I finally moved out today. I'm living with my grandma now

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