What separates a guy who can pull multiple women at once vs. a guy who chronically struggles to get just one woman to date them?

Let's say both of them have confidence, and a good personality, but. one is chronically successful and the other one is chronically unsuccessful.


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  • If confidence and personality are equal, then it comes down to the material items like money.

    However, this is usually not the case. A guy who is successful with women will typically be more confident and demonstrate good decision-making skills and leadership.

    Women often let men be the alpha in the relationship, because they know men inherently need to feel dominant. A confident person is also more attractive to both genders. Men don't like women who constantly have low self-esteem and look down upon themselves. Women don't want men like this either.

    In terms of decision-making, they don't even have to be important questions. Women often just look to men to make ANY decision. Nothing pisses a woman off more than asking a guy "what do you want for dinner?", and the guy responds, "I don't know. What do YOU want for dinner?". For heaven's sake, grow a sac and tell her what you want to eat!

    That is all.


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  • swag, money, game


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  • Desperation?

    • Probably looks and/or money. I've seen guys act thirsty towards women and still get them... Desperation seems to only apply when you're physically unappealing or slightly average looking.

  • Belief that it can be done.

    • I was thinking looks and/or money/

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    • That guy isn't really that bad looking... Plus he also looks like he has some money too which helps women overlook the looks. Yes you might find one of those women who truly don't care about looks, but they are extremely rare. Don't act like that photo is the norm.

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