Why am I so Worthless?

Why am I worthless? Why could I be the person who is worth living for? Why can't I find the one who will sweep me off my feet. Or find my prince charming (if that even real or true)? And why couldn't I be someone I know. One question is that why do I have to not be cute or beautiful? I am a DUFF and I hate it. I can't change it because I can't. I'm stuck being a DUFF or ugly or unpretty. I just wish I was that dream girl that a guys wants, but I'm not. I just wish I wasn't born. Some people say that everyone has the reason to live, but I don't. I don't have talent or anything. I am not worth it. I feel alone all my life and I am always rejected from everyone. Everywhere I go and everyone I know or meet has someone to love them or to love. I just wish I was born different than I am right now and not this werid or annoying or stupid or fat or worthless right now. Eventhought I try to forget this, I always come back becuase I know too many people who are in realtionships and I'm not.


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  • There is no such thing as a worthless person. You are not a worthless person. Even if you don't have a talent, you can always build high skills through hard work and motivation. You don't have be loved or accepted by others to be a great person. Be proud of yourself and were you stand as a person because there is only one of you, and there will only exist one of you. Make life the sweetest experience regardless of what it gives you and always appreciate what you have, even though we often take for granted the few great things we have. Good luck! :)


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  • You're under 18. Do you even know how often not-pretty girls grow up to be hotter than their peers? You still have every thing ahead of you.

    Have a nice day :)

    • Everywhere I go I see people happy and cuddling with their boyfriends and I'm like why can't I be that. And really I was cute when I was little and I look like shit. And maybe I might look worst

    • At least you're pretty young still. I'm 20 and never had a girlfriend. It gets me down sometimes but move forward with a smile and hope you will too.

  • Because you think you are, duh. Stop thinking that way and it won't be a problem. Thats how i got over it, got pissed about being down on myself so I stopped.

  • duff beer oh yea


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  • You have people who love you: your family, I hope. You are under 18, and depending on how old exactly puberty may still be at work, so give that time.
    You may find a talent for yourself later in life. And you could be pretty to someone, don't try to be pretty to everyone. Remember! These 'pretty' faces you see in magazines etc aren't real because they are photo-shopped. Relationships tend to have more meaning when you're older, and to someone you will be that dream girl. Don't try to be who you aren't.

    If you have friends, even if just a few, they haven't rejected you. You may see people cuddling or whatever, but don't get disheartened because it will happen. If you don't like how you are physically, do exercise if you think you need to. Do whatever you think you can to change things.

    I felt like this at your age, but I'm better. Still have no actual talent, never had a boyfriend (through choice) and I am not the prettiest ever, but I've come to not care.
    Thoughts like this happen because you may have too much time to think. Whilst reflection can be good, too much can lead to this. So start up a hobby, read, draw, even if it's not very good, a colour it in. Sing or dance, listen to upbeat happy songs.

    Listen to Baz Luhrman's 'Always Wear Sunscreen', may sound weird, but it is actually enlightening in some ways, for some people.
    I know that as a teen, it's hard not to care what others think, but soon enough you'll stop caring. I'm getting there, not quite, but slowly. Don't wish to be different because the chances that you and I and everyone in this world were born are really, really, tiny, technically.
    Hope I helped at least a bit :)

  • You are not worthless! Trust me i felt that way too, you are an awesome amazing beautiful girl! You just need to believe that you are :) also I'm sure you'll find the right guy one day!