Does anyone else have trouble respecting people that are college graduates?

So many people that I know have gone to college have been complete and total assholes, that I have developed a problem trying to respect people that have finished college. Not all of them are bad, but most of them are just such snobs. A lot of them will be nice until they find out I didn't go to college, and then they start treating me differently. Have I just been unlucky or have other people had this same issue with college graduates?

  • I haven't gone to college, and have noticed college graduates are snobs.
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  • I haven't gone to college, and haven't noticed college graduates are snobs.
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  • I have gone to college, and have noticed college graduates are snobs.
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  • I have gone to college, and haven't noticed college graduates are snobs.
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@Anonymous I didn't say it was the college that was the cause of their bad attitude. I only spoke of a connection to how they treat others and the fact they went to college. You jumped to those conclusions all on your own.

Since you know all about how the college crowd tolerates them, you must have attended college. If that is in fact the case your insulting my intelligence by calling me a dim wit, only serves to further prove my point, as does blocking me from commenting on your opinion.


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  • I have 2 masters and I know some people who barely graduated high school who are smarter than me.

    Bigots will be bigots regardless of how many pieces of paper they stick up on their walls.


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  • I don't know maybe it was just the schools I went to but we were all pretty entrenched in our collective poverty to have an illusions about exactly what side our bread was buttered on by the time we were done.

  • I think it might depend on which college/university. I went to an artsy fartsy school, and people were so chill. They were so encouraging and I loved looking at everyone's creations. Only one girl thought she was better than everyone else/snobby, but that was one out of 20 in my class.

    My brother tried college and found it wasn't to his taste. I don't think less of him... or anyone who decided that it isn't for them. It's totally their choice, and those that cannot afford it (because I am still chipping away at my student loan), I don't blame them for not wanting to get involved with loans or anything.

    • I am talking about the way people act after college. When I talk to people they assume I have been to college. Once they find out I didn't go to college they noticeably start to treat me differently.

    • I got that, that is a shame those people are rude like that. I do not treat people differently if they did or didn't go. I know people that are very intelligent and didn't go to uni.

  • It's NOT the college that creates the snobs you focus on, dim wit
    Some that are privileged to go come from spoiled, entitled, self-centered, elitist families, glad to be rid of them - the college crowd tolerates them but suffers just as much as you, perhaps even more!


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  • I've met a few who had just barely *started* college, and had already started stomping around like they were intellectual super-giants...

  • I know people who didn't go to college and are doing a lot better that I am.

    And I know of a guy in Redmond, WA who dropped out of college and has done VERY well for himself...

  • I don't know. Most of the few people in my life that been really nice to me have been graduate math students.

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