Philippines girl flirted then husband wants to kill me?

So I'm on vacation in the Philippines. One night a girl at the front that tries to bring in customers sees me and gets me to come over.

We start talking and she starts flirting. After about 5 minutes talking i come in and eat.

And continues talking to me while I'm eating and we talk about some common things between us. i tell her she's very pretty. she tells me the same back.

I ask her about when she'll be free. she said she'll be free after 12. She adds me on Facebook and tells me to contact her after work to meet up.

The way she talked was very educated and she told me she was studying for a masters degree at the moment. So she never came off as dumb and she was really cool and nice.

Later on at 12:30 id not received a reply from the Facebook message. so i go see if she's at the restaurant. she isn't but her coworkers said she waiter for 20 minutes then left. They were really smiley and friendly and liked me also.

Her husband contacts me later telling me that he knows where I'm staying and he will come kill me if i wait for her ever again. (i never knew she was taken). He was older then her. We were the same age. I'm confused how to interpret


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  • Lol she sounds like bad news, just stay away, she's taken after all and your life is not a movie where you possibly rescue this girl from her mean old husband. Who knows he's probably a nice guy who just got mad at you for trying to date his wife, even though you didn't even know she was married. So basically she's evil, stay away.

    • She seems really genuinely sweet but i have this idea that he's controlling since he also used her Facebook.

      He said stop battering his wife. .. i thin that was bad English though. .. which is odd because Filipinos all know English well. Especially here.

      I told him I'm not interested in married women. He sent me a message threat again saying he's warned me. (Because i walked his restaurant to get to the beach)

      I just said "you realise i could pretty easily report you to the police, I'll reiterate, i don't get involved with married women. Also I'm free to walk around where i like"

    • Well I'm just saying, don't try to be the hero or like the cool guy or anything really. People do crazy things in the name of jealousy and suspicion of infidelity.

    • Of course. Agreed. He's getting pretty annoying though since he must have seen me before. Ask the coworkers smiled at me.

      I only walked past because it's in the way to the shops

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  • Dude you are so gullible... you got manipulated... I wonder if he's coming to rob you.

    You should take it seriously because they are very unforgiving if you wrong them in anyway.

    • How am i gullible exactly. .. i never flirted at the start. She did and sat next to me

    • Easy. Don't ever respond to her ever. She was trouble in the first place.

    • Oh yes. I haven't. The thing is. Only he has used her Facebook to tell her to not contact her. She's never responded which is odd

  • run for your life..

  • Run run run lol


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  • Umm make a shank dude

    • He's actually pretty small. Didn't know he got angry

    • Oh then your good then

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