What little stuff do you do to get over things?

Over the last few years I've slowly been becoming more and more depressed, the worst being triggered by some rejection I went through recently and along with it, I've subconsciously started doing strange little things to cheer myself up.

I find it rather funny now I start to notice it, I've begun dancing, every time I make food. It doesn't matter what it is. I just bob along to whatever music I'm listening to and shuffling between the fridge and pantry. Along with that, every time I ride my motorcycle through town I sing as loud as I want, not even caring if people walking by can hear me.

So tell me, what do you start doing when your sad without even realising at first? Also, what should I have put this under? Other seemed right, but there could have been another choice.


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  • Jerking off throughout the day has been quite helpful...

    • That does definitely help.

      Did you know it can suppress headaches?

    • Wow! Learn something new everyday!

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  • i just listen 2 music i luv

  • I get extremely high or drunk with some friends.

    • Nothing like a mint as Fuck joint to take your mind off things. Been smoking for years so I didn't think to mention it.

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    • I've found myself back at square one quite a few times since my last girlfriend oh so many years ago. So the thought of giving in to drugs has flashed across my mind a few times, but I can go without weed pretty easily. I've made sure of that. Being an easy drug to control, it's been easier than its made our to be.

      There's a movie I love, it's called cashback. You may have seen it. It's about an artist who gets through depression after a hard breakup and develops insomnia. So after starting a night shit job he develops a crush for a co-worker. He describes the feeling by quoting the dictionary...

      ... "Crush. It's funny how the same word for the feeling of disappointment can be used for the feeling of attraction. The Oxford English Dictionary states one of the meanings for the word crushed as "a strong and unreasoning, but transitory attachment."

      As great as it is to have a crush, I couldn't aggree more. Being as sensitive as I am. Crushes Never end well for me

    • Thanks for that reply. It was refreshing to read.

  • I hit a blunt and listen to music.