Is there an instinct inside us women to let us know we're pregnant before we even take the test? And for u dads out there, did your instinct tell u?


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  • Yes, i believe men can tell when their girlfriends or wife's are pregnant
    there is guys get usual cravings for food, pain in the testicles
    i had this friend got severe pain in his testicles and told his girlfriend
    come on we got go to the hospital , she said why he said cause
    your going into labor , no longer he took her to the hospital she had the baby
    My dad was throwing up every morning and he told my mom you better
    go to the doctors cause i feel you may be pregnant she told him he was nuts
    sure enough doctor gave her test and came back positive for being pregnant.

    • My mom told me about situations like that. I find that very interesting. Do you think it may be because the men who instinctively know have a real deep connection with their pregnant wives/gfs?

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    • No problem at all. You scored big with this one. Thank u so much for replying ☺

    • Your so welcome :) :D

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  • Nope. but my ex-wife knew before we tested too. Just one week after conception

    • I wonder how she knew, cuz I'm trying to figure out if i am. Me and my boyfriend doubt it, but I'm not exactly sure yet

    • she just felt it

    • Hmmm

  • hhahhaha i don't think so... uless u have some test

  • I don't think instinct can tell you, symptoms maybe.


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  • i dont know about this.. but if this was the case then there would not b so many late abortion cases..

    • Do u think men know quicker than women do?