Do you guys and girls watch TV shows?

I feel like I do not enjoy watching shows.. but I feel like i am missing out. So do you guys watch TV shows? Could you recommend a good one for me?


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  • Ok, i'm most likely into a different genre than you are, I love gossip girl, pretty little liars, chick flicks, and I go to Starbucks 24/7. You probably hate starbucks and you'll probably hate all of my options.
    But, good news, I have a twin brother, so according to what he likes he likes:
    The office (its super funny, not for all humors though) I love it personally
    The Walking Dead
    Breaking Bad
    Orange is the New Black
    You can find all of these on Netflix, only 8 dollars a month, you don't have to do it for like 5 years though, you can use it for a few months to watch all the shows you like ^^

    • Thanks! This is helpful :) I too have a twin sister, and she loves PLL :)

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  • Yup; wayy more TV shows than most people I think and I get really invested in them haha. It depends what genre you like, but my favourites are:

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel the Series, Firefly, Dollhouse, Charmed, Malcolm in the Middle, Bread, Only Fools and Horses, RTD era Doctor Who, Supernatural but it goes downhill after season 5, Scrubs, How I Met Your Mother, Friends, Orange Is The New Black, and Sex and the City

  • I love watching TV shows, they complete my life, make me happy and are a great time passer. I don't know what kind of shows you'd be into but I can recommend some of my favorites:
    The Originals
    The 100
    The Flash
    The Big Bang Theory
    Modern Family


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  • "good" is relative. I can recommend you the ones that i like.
    Game of Thrones
    The Big Bang theory
    The Blacklist
    The Cleveland show
    The X Files

  • I liked GCB. Charlies Angeles. Cristella. The Gates. But ABC took them all off. Don't know if the took off Cristella.
    Last Man Standing on ABC is a good comedy. But all the rest on that channel is crap
    The Flash on CW is entertaining.

  • Id recommend Law & Ordr: Special Victims Unit, Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, and Criminal Minds.